Wednesday, January 14, 2015


                                                         Photo by Olivier Surprenant
Meet Roxy Yurt.
An 11 year old pug who has the reputation of charming anyone who she comes in contact with. Now, with other dogs that's another story. She's always the boss (or so she thinks).
This grandma who's now 77 in human years still has a lot of spirit in her.

An unfortunate accident a couple of years ago left her blinded to one eye. She was playing with the baby deer on our farm when one of the moms attacked her thinking Roxy was harming them. She was knocked out unconscious and we had to save her just in time from getting killed. Our little stinker wasn't the same after that.

Aside from caring for her eye we noticed several other problems... She started becoming very antisocial and would start refusing food. She would also run away when we went to pet her which for any healthy dog is a major red flag. She looked like she was in constant pain. We brought our poor Roxy to visit four different veterinarians and neither of them could find what was the problem. She didn't have any broken bones. She didn't have anything physical that they could find. Aside from her eye everything seemed to be normal. One of the veterinarians even suggested  for her to go see a psychiatrist.

We decided as a last result to give her some velvet antler capsules. We knew it would be beneficial in one way or another. What happened afterwards was nothing short of a miracle. Roxy, who we were convinced was approaching her final days was now behaving just like when she was a puppy. In a mere couple of days she transformed from laying around, refusing food and having difficulties to walk, to having a large amount of energy, being playful and excited by life again. This was the Roxy we knew and loved.

Our pets, dogs in particular have become very important family members. We care about healthy and are aware that a varied and balanced diet is an important factor of well being also for our pets. Yurtland has been producing OSTOVIDA Velvet Antler capsules for dogs and other pets for over 20 years. It's success has been just as high in dogs and other pets as for humans.

    Velvet antler for pets is 100% natural and consists 
          amongst others of:
          - Glugosamine and chondroitin sulfate
          - Omega-3 and omega-6 acids
          - Minerals such as: calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron
          - Collagen
          - All 8 essential amino acids

So whether you're pet lacks energy, has joint and movement problems or simply needs a boost to find his or herself again we can help. Our little Roxy sure thanks us for it!

We wish you and your whole family good health.
Yurtland Natural Health

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