Friday, February 27, 2015

VITA PRIMA Velvet Antler. Velvet Antler and Anemia.

Velvet Antler has changed many people's lives for the better.

We're proud to be part of that change.

As our loyal customers know, we are also customers.

Erica, our Yurtland owner was suffering from anemia for a long time, years before even having her 4 children and it continued long after.

Anemia is usually defined as a decrease of red blood cells. When anemia comes on slowly the symptoms are very subtle and may even go on undetected. In advanced cases, the symptoms can vary from feeling tired, weakness, shortness of breath and the inability to exercise. There are different types of anemia. Anemia may be caused by the body's inability to produce red blood cells, blood loss or the increase of the red blood cell breakdown.

Often times, doctors will prescribe iron pills to treat anemia. The only problem with this is that most people suffer from constipation when taking iron pills. In extreme cases, people may also suffer from upset stomachs.

One day, Erica went to see a new doctor for her yearly check-up.

At the same time, she started taking Velvet Antler capsules for her arthritis in her fingers. She was taking the VITA PRIMA Velvet Antler capsules and it was helping a lot.

About two years later, after taking another blood test, the new doctor told Erica that all her test results are perfect. She asked the doctor if he was sure they didn't mix up her results. He said 'no' they were hers! She was amazed to find out that her red blood cell count was back to normal. She was no longer suffering from anemia! She hadn't done anything out of the ordinary. She hadn't taken any prescriptions or medication, only Velvet Antler.

According to specialists, Velvet Antler has properties that contribute to the replenishment of red blood cells. This is especially good for people who suffer from anemia and for people who've recently gone through surgery.

This success story continues to fuel our belief in this product and has for years.